Monday, July 21, 2014

Slurpee Competition

Last week I went to Petro Canada to get a slurpee. I wanted to see if Petro Canada slurpees were better than Seven Eleven slurpees. This is what I thought about their slurpee.


  •  only 4 flavours (blue crush and 7up)
  •  2 flavors were out of order
  • hard to turn lever and you have to turn it back to stop it
  •  no lids that fit the large cups
  •  large is a Seven Eleven medium
  •  not as icy
  •  melts faster
  •  tasted good but extremely sour


  •  cheaper than Seven Eleven
  • closer for us to walk to

me getting my slurpee

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Review : On the Road Again! - More Travels with my Family

On my first week of summer vacation I read a book called On the Road Again! More Travels with my Family.  It was written by Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel.  I picked up this book from the library because my teacher read us the first book in the series and I really liked it.  It's about a family who really likes to travel and they do it a lot.  They go on all these weird trips where no one else would usually go.  The kids don't ever want to go there but when they get there they always end up loving it and not wanting to leave.

I liked this book because it's funny and I like to travel too.  I would definitely recommend this book to kids who love to read and to kids who don't like to leave!

But first, you should read the first book in this series, Travels with my Family.  It's really good too!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Starting grade 3

This year I am in grade 3! My teachers name is Mrs.Moorhead. I am glad that I got her. She is really nice and funny and creative. My class is really good too. I have my friends from last year in my class this year and I have lots of other nice girls in my class too and there's some pretty good boys. Since I'm in grade 3 my class is upstairs. I like being upstairs. Three of my other good friends are in a different class. There grade 3 class is still on the main floor though so I can only see them at recess or at the end of the day. But that's better then nothing. We already had a spelling test on Friday. The words got harder and harder.

That was my favourite part of the day. I thought it was really fun. In grade 3 we also have to change for gym. We get 3 to5 minutes to change. I don't like changing for gym. I am so glad that we get to go back to school! Lots of people don't like school but I love it! My favourite subject is language arts, social studies and art because I like reading, writing and drawing. I think that this is going to be a really awesome year!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

Last week my mom picked out a book from the library it was called The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

It took me a long time to read the book becuase it is such a thick book. The Adventures of Nanny Piggins is about a family that is looking for a nanny and a pig wants to be their nanny but the pig wasn't just an ordenary pig this pig was in the circus. She was shot out of a canon in the circus. 

Nanny Piggins let the children eat chocotate for super and she gave letters to the principal of their school saying that they were sick. The kids love their Nanny and they want to keep her forever but it is hard having a flying pig in you're house.

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins is one of my favorite books in the hole werld!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am so ixciteed for Christmas!  It is sutch an exciting holiday!  I made my Christmas list and I put lots of Playmobil down on it.  And it is ispecoully special because it is Jesus's birthday.  I love puting up the tree and decorating the tree.  I love making coockie's and singing Christmas songs.  I love getting presints and shopping for them too.  A few things I put on my Christmas list are lots of Playmobil, clothes for my Maplelea girl, games, books, and lots more.  I'm going to add more as I think of them.  I love siting with a bunch of Christmas food around me thinking of what Christmas means and talking to my parents and sisters.  I love Christmas!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Now that we are in Winipeg I am in grade two.  The school that we go to is called L.C.S.   L.C.S. stans for Lindin Christian School.  L.C.S. goes up to grade twelve.  It is a really really really big school!  Sometimes I get lost!  My teatchers name is Mrs. Janzen.  Mrs. Janzen is a lot like Ms. Collins.  Mrs. Janzen is kind, sweet, funny and smart.  I am glad I got Mrs. Janzen.  Are class is called 2J beacause were in grade 2 and our teatchers name starts with a J.  In our class we sit at tables we hanve only 16 people!  I  have a few friends named Julieana and Emma and Tiana and Madison.  We have buddies and weer the big buddies for the kindergartin class!  I'm with a person from my class named Katlyn and our little buddie named Maggie so theres really two big buddies.  I think this will be a great year!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Go Karting and Bungee Tramping

One weekend at the end of August we went Go karting and Bungee tramping with Tan and Shawn and Zack and Cohan and Pierce.  First we went Go Karting and then we went Bungee tramping.  Go Karting is really fun and Bungee tramping is really fun too but afterwerds it makes your legs hurt.  I did lots of flips on the Bungee trampalen.  On the Go karting there is a red pedle and a green pedle.  The red pedle is to stop and the green pedle is to go.  I had to go on the kids kart because I am not 10 years old yet.  I want to go back there again some time.  It was a fun day!